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Research is ongoing on the use of AICAR to mitigate the effects of autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory conditions.... Read more...


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The drug AICAR 50 mg (Aikar) was developed by specialists in an innovative formula. It gained wide popularity in the sports pharmacology market due to its pronounced fat burning and energetic effects.

In addition, Aykar is characterized by a number of useful and valuable properties, providing:

Stimulation of the processes of fat burning and lipolysis.

Decrease in insulin levels.

Increased muscle tone.

Stabilization of blood glucose levels.

Pain relieving effect.

Relief of symptoms of muscle fatigue and overstrain.

Converting subcutaneous fat deposits into energy potential, which contributes to the growth of endurance and performance.

An increase in high-quality, dry muscle mass without water and fat.

Stimulation of metabolic processes and metabolism.

The drug acts quickly, is easily absorbed and, as evidenced by the reviews of the athletes themselves, it is perfectly tolerated without any possible unwanted reactions.

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